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Zirconia Bridge

Zirconia bridges have higher translucency while staying super strong. Zirconia bridges are 100% metal-free. This material has flexural strength as high as metal-ceramic restorations but has an aesthetic and natural look due to its translucency. Being metal-free, it has no chance of gingival darkening and exposure of metal margins when gums recede. Our zirconia bridges are highly aesthetic as they are hand matched to the shade of the adjacent teeth. These are also the most robust material available for people with bruxism or grinding habits as they do not wear off. Thorough color penetration till the restorations ensures higher shade consistency and limits any shade variation after occlusal adjustment.

e.max Bridge

E.max bridges are the next generation ceramic bridges made of advanced pressed ceramic formulated from lithium disilicate crystals. They have greater strength and natural-looking aesthetics. It is metal-free and biocompatible, eliminating dark margins. They have high strength, enhanced translucency, and resistance to fractures. It is indicated for use mainly for bridges in anterior teeth due to its superior aesthetics. When versatility, dependability, and durability come to mind. E.max bridges are unmatched in clinical success.

Cad Cam Temporary Bridge

A temporary or provisional bridge is placed for an interim period before the final bridge is ready. This is done to protect the prepared teeth. The temporary crown is designed using CAD/CAM technology to form the anatomy of the tooth. A temporary bridge is generally needed to protect the prepared teeth, prevent damage to the periodontal tissues and gingiva. They also serve to disguise the prepared teeth to a certain extent till the final bridge can be delivered. These CAD-CAM bridges are a fast and reliable way to save chairside time.