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Zirconia Veneers

Veneers are a quick and straightforward way to help patients fix their smile, correct diastema, or improve the appearance of crooked, chipped, or discolored teeth quickly. The Smile makeover with zirconia veneers is breathtaking due to its high natural and aesthetic look. This is due to its high translucency. With minimal-to-no prep, Zirconia veneers provide a minimally invasive and easy way to transform smiles. Zirconia veneers have High-performing strength and are highly durable.

E.max Veneers

Veneers made of E.max are designed with versatility in mind and offer a unique combination of excellent aesthetics and high strength. These highly natural veneers use bio-compatible lithium disilicate that lends natural translucency to the tooth. They offer a precision fit with remarkable esthetics. With minimal tooth preparation, they help avoid sensitive removal of tooth structure. E.max veneers provide vibrant and natural looks while being durable.

Composite veneers

Direct composite veneers are veneers made of a composite resin material that is applied directly to your teeth. The dentist first prepares the teeth in the same manner as routine veneer preparation and then applies composite material directly on the prepared surface, to create a direct composite veneers. This is a faster process but does not provide aesthetics that can match indirect veneers.

Feldspathic veneers

Feldspathic veneers are formulated by layering glass-based (i.e., silica) powder and liquid materials. These were initially created to fabricate porcelain dentures, but feldspathic porcelain has now emerged as a superior aesthetic material for customized veneers. Layered feldspathic porcelain, is placed on the teeth’ facial surfaces to create a highly esthetic results.