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What are Complete Dentures?

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May 14, 2020

What are Complete Dentures?

What are Complete Dentures?

A complete denture is a dental prosthetic appliance that replaces all teeth in a jaw when they are all missing. They form a complete set of 28 teeth, but single complete dentures for one jaw can also be made when there are some healthy teeth on the other jaw. Complete dentures are generally made of acrylic material with acrylic teeth arranged on the base. These are usually removable and can be removed at night. But in recent years, implant-supported complete dentures are being preferred by more and more people which provide you fixed teeth.

Difference between Partial and Complete Dentures

These are removable dental appliances, partial dentures, and complete dentures are two different things. Partial Dentures replace a few missing teeth, which conserve healthy natural teeth in the mouth. Complete Dentures replace all teeth in the jaw.

How are Complete Dentures fabricated?

The fabrication of new dentures may take a few weeks and several appointments. Your dentist would have to take a series of impressions of your jaw for the measurements of how your jaws relate to one another and record the space present between them. Various models, wax forms and plastic patterns, would be created in the exact shape to determine the denture’s position to be made. These models are generally “tried-in” several times and evaluate the color, shape, and fit before the final denture is cast. After the final denture is cast, various adjustments can be performed, as necessary.

Why Dentures?

Missing teeth can affect your appearance. Not only your smile but your speech and chewing are impacted too. There may be a lot of cases behind missing teeth. The commonest being teeth lost due to periodontal disease or decay. Periodontal infections cause the gums to weaken, loosening the teeth in their socket. This progressively worsens with age, and eventually, the teeth may become extraordinarily mobile or loose and may fall off or be extracted by a dentist. Similarly, decayed teeth may lead to the extraction of teeth.

Dentures replace your entire set of teeth and help you eat everything. The absence of teeth can also lead to digestion issues. With complete dentures, you can chew your food properly for proper digestion of food and thus prevent digestion issues. Complete dentures also improve your appearance as it provides support to your lips and gives a natural fullness present with your natural teeth. With dentures, you can smile and talk like before and eat all you want without worry.

Get in touch with us and we will be happy to recommend a suitable dentist that meets your dental care needs. You can also find our full range of denture offerings here.

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